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Summer makeup: green looking hazel eyes

Summer is the perfect time to bring out those pastel colours. In this tutorial we’ll be looking at how softer shades work perfectly for daytime makeup but will also stay in place well into the night.

Step 1: It’s all about the base

Using a white eye pencil, draw over the whole eyelid and then blend with your fingertip. This will act as the base to the pastel colour we’ll add next and help the eye shadow stick for a long lasting look.

Pro-tip: The heat from your finger will smudge the pencil perfectly and works better than a brush.


Step 2: Tap, tap, tap

Using the same finger apply the next colour with a tapping motion in a slight upwards direction. This will ensure that you get a thick application and that the colour covers the entire area right down to the lashline.
Pastel colours are not intense so a heavier application will help them to last all day (or night!). Finish by sweeping over the eyelid with a clean brush, just be careful not to smudge too hard and wipe the colour off… like we did! It’s easily remedied though, just dab some more colour onto the brush and off you go again, sweep the brush left and right and start to bring the colour to the outer side of the eyelid.

Step 3: Lift the eye

Take a clean brush and apply a white shimmer eye shadow above the pastel shade, sweep the white on in an upwards direction to lift the eyebrow and you’ll start to redefine the eye into that lovely almond shape.
Finish the eyes with a thin line of black eye liner applied close to the lashes, this will give depth and definition to the eyes.

Pro-tip: To really enhance deep set eyes, start the white in the inside corner of the eyelid and carry the colour across the whole upper section and out towards the eyebrows.

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Step 4: Spot on!

Using a large super-soft brush gently apply a powder foundation and dab the powder evenly over the face. In high temperatures this helps to blend with the natural oils of your face. Next, apply a liquid foundation with the dot method of three spots under the eyes, one on the tip of the nose and one between the eyebrows. Tap the under-eye spots with the tip of your little finger and blend them together in a delicate motion.

Step 5: MascAra or Mascarrrrar?

A light application of blue mascara will define the lashes perfectly,
then fill in the eyebrows with a dark brown powder to enhance them without looking too severe.
Show those eyebrows some looooooove and brush them into place to finish the eyes.

Step 6: Have fun with blusher

Drawing a little heart on your cheekbones is a great way to get just the right amount of blusher. Tap the shape with your fingertip and gently sweep upwards to lift and define those cheekbones.
A soft pink lipstick will finish the summery look perfectly and leave you ready for fun in the sun with the confidence of long lasting make up.

Before & After


Product used:


  • Rimmel soft kohl white eye pencil
  • Kryolan Professional Make-up
  • Zoeva retro future palette
  • Topshop black kohl eye pencil
  • Zao compact powder
  • Bourjois Radiance reveal foundation
  • Shock blue mascara
  • Kryolan eye shadow
  • Yves Saint Laurent lipstick