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The ultimate lazy-girl winter look

Winter is coming and we all want to stay in bed longer because it’s just too cold outside. This one is for the sleepy girl, who loves “the extra 5 minutes” more than getting up to apply makeup. And secretly, we’re all that girl.

Primers are a winter favorite

Start off with a clean face and apply a hydrating, silicone-based primer on your eyelids. Dryness and cracking of the skin are a common winter problem, but you can easily avoid the unpleasantness by using more hydrating products. The skin around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive, so give that area some special attention.

Remember that primers make your make up stay on longer, but they can also have some skincare properties - like hydrating your skin - which is especially important in winter.

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Simple eyes

Eye makeup is usually the most fun to play with, but sometimes your bed is too selfish to let you go. When that happens, do the simplest daily smokey eye.

Apply a transition shade in your crease, creating a V-shape on the outer corner of the eye. The eyeshadow you start with should be slightly darker than your skin tone. You can then build it up gradually with darker and darker shades and create more dimension as you go. Blend in a C-motion until you get a smooth transition. The cool part is that this works with any eye shape!

Add some extra sleep

For an 8-hours-of-sleep look, apply a light nude matte eyeshadow on the inner third of your eye and, of course, the inner corner. This will naturally create dimension by slightly lifting the eye. On less lazy days you can even go for glitter.

Pro-tip: To really look awake, apply a concealer that is slightly lighter than your skin tone. In winter, go for lighter textures as well, as this will, again, help keep the moisture in.

Smoke it out

Give your eyeshadow the final blend and then finish off the look by applying the same eyeshadows on the lower lash line. This will accentuate your lower lash line without pulling it down too much, making you look more awake.
Apply mascara and you’re done!

Pro-tip: Make-up is all about colours - especially eyeshadow. If your eyes are blue or green, orange and red shades will work best with your eyes. The secret behind it is simple - complementary colours, well, complement each other. Taking that into account will give your eyes that extra pop.

Baseless base

In winter, foundation can have an awfully drying effect on the skin, even if you’re naturally on the oily side. Always moisturise before foundation, or take it a step further and try a hydrating primer as well. Remember that skipping these steps in cold weather can be really damaging to your skin, so try to be consistent.

Heavy foundation during winter can stress out your skin even more, so it’s best to avoid it. This has more to do with the ingredients of the foundation than with the actual coverage. Pick wisely.

Remember, hydrate and apply less product. Your skin will thank you.

Pro-tip: Be careful to pair a silicone-based primer with a silicone-based foundation and a water-based primer with a water-based foundation. That way your base won’t crack or separate, which will make your complexion look more even.

Winter contour

Some of us go a bit pale in the winter, so it’s a good idea to cut down on the amount of contour. Apply a cool-toned contour shade sparingly on your cheeks, temples and under the chin. Let’s save warm-toned bronzers for summer.

Pro-tip: Cream-based contour products are a good option for winter. They won’t dry out your skin nearly as much as powders tend to do. Give them a try!

Grow some brows

If you have naturally full brows you can easily skip this step, but if you want to add an extra little something to your look - fill them in. If your hair is warm-toned (Hey, redheads!), don’t be afraid to apply a warm-toned brow product as well.

Don’t skip the lip

Many women have a fuller lower lip and a less full upper lip. It’s best to follow your natural lipline on your lower lip, then overline only the outer parts of the upper lip. Be careful not to go overboard with overlining.

You can go for a bold darker lip if you’re still living for the autumn vibes, or pick a natural nude for a simple, natural look.

Pro-tip: Try to avoid overly drying matte lipsticks in the winter - go for glosses or lipsticks with a light sheen that won’t strip all the moisture from your lips.