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They say you shouldn't use makeup products this way

»Don't be fools, don't follow makeup rules« is starting to become our motto, don't you think? Here's a new tutorial in which we will show you how to use makeup products as they are not meant to be used. In other words, you will learn how to create a polished night-out makeup look with only a few multitasking products. This approach is actually extremely budget-friendly since it makes many single-purpose makeup products redundant. Saving time and your wallet in one tutorial – could it get any better?!


The first multitasker you need is a matte contouring powder in taupe color (a neutral shade). To begin with, line the upper lash line with black kohl pencil and blend the line with downwards strokes. Then, go into the crease with the powder, creating a V-shape in the outer corner and blending everything seamlessly. This will serve as a transition shade for the eye makeup.
The next step involves another multitasking hero – the black gel eyeliner, which you apply with an angled eyeliner brush in thin strokes to deepen the color of the V-shape you’ve just created with the contouring powder. Think of feathery light butterfly kisses when you're doing this, because you really don't want a thick smudge of black on your lid.
To brighten up the under-brow area, take a light-colored, matte loose powder and apply it with a soft brush.
Pick a shimmery bronze color for the middle of the lid and a shimmery champagne shade for the inner corners. Now blend, blend, and blend!
To make the eyes more defined, use the black eyeliner and line the upper lid, finishing with the eyeliner's primary purpose – the cat-eye flick, of course! Try to connect the cat-eye flick with the smokey eye you did beforehand, and with thin strokes blacken any remaining light spots in the outer corner of the eye.
Apply black kohl pencil or the black eyeliner (once again very useful!) in the lower waterline to make the eyes stand out even more.
Filling in the eyebrows is an everyday necessity for many women, which can include a gazillion products, so why not make things simpler and use the contouring powder you already have at hand. Taupe is a nice, neutral shade, suitable for either warm or cool skin undertone, so take an angled brush and fill in those bad boys.
Apply a few coats of mascara as the final step for the eye makeup.


Start by applying a cream contouring product on top of the forehead and under the cheekbones and blend it into the hairline. A pro contouring palette can be quite expensive, so instead, buy a dark brown, high coverage concealer as a quick and cheap solution. It will function just as well for a quarter of the price!

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Tap some smoothing makeup primer under your eyes to set the area for foundation. This can be especially useful if you often find your foundation and concealer disappearing into those annoying small lines around the eyes. Oily girls may need to prime their entire face to prolong the wear of foundation. In that case, a fixing spray can prove to be a quick and cheap solution.

Continue by applying a thin layer of foundation all over your face. Now pick up the loose powder (again) and mattify the potentially oily areas with a tapping motion of the fluffy brush. Instead of a bronzing powder, use a natural, dark pink shade of blush to define your cheekbones by brushing the color from the ear along and slightly under the cheekbones.


Go all in with a bold lip color if you’re going out. It will look awesome with this eye makeup, I promise. Any bold lipstick needs a lip liner first so it doesn’t bleed when you’re out and about, never forget that! Try pairing a berry lip liner and a dark berry lipstick with a satin or matte finish. Voilà!