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Using eyeshadow to lift downturned eyes

There is more than one technique on how to balance downturned or droopy eyes, but this is arguably the easiest one. It requires three short steps and very little time, even for those not-so-well-versed in the art of makeup!

The necessities

You will need three eyeshadows (or the palette that we used in the video): a deep red, beige (with some shimmer) and a chocolate brown color. To apply and blend everything, two types of brushes will prove most useful: a fluffy blending brush and a flat, straight-cut brush. Clean ones, preferably, because we’re avoiding rainbows. For now.

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The technique


Begin by applying the red shade with the flat brush along the outer third of the upper lash line in a sort of right-angled triangle shape, with the right angle being in the outer corner. This means that the color should fade lightly towards the inner corner and, in the outer corner, it should not go over the imaginary vertical line that lies perpendicularly to the end of the upper lash line. You can take the color up to the half of the lid, but definitely soften the edges by blending downwards, towards the lash line, to avoid extending the red too far.


The beige part is less geometrically-oriented, thankfully. With the fluffy brush, blend the beige color in the inner corner and take it all over the unpainted lid, as well as over the brow bone. If you overdid the red at some point, you can diminish the mistake by blending over with the beige.


…brown. It looks better when there’s just chocolate in the headline, you can’t argue with that incredible logic. Food aside, the chocolate brown is the part that will make it or break it, the eye makeup that is. It works extremely well to lift the eye visually, by completely eliminating the need for an eyeliner.

Disclaimer: That does not mean you cannot use an eyeliner at this point instead of the brown eyeshadow, but it is certainly the more advanced and time-consuming option.

Using the flat, straight-cut brush, apply the brown along the outer half of the upper lash line, finishing with a little flick in the outer corner. The flick should end right below the fold of skin, also known as the crease, to avoid color transfer. You will quickly notice that the brown-on-red combo at the lash line creates a lovely gradient.

What we did so far already makes the eye more lifted, but to emphasize this, connect the flick with the lower lash line in the outer corner. Use the brown shade again, applying it just along the outer quarter of the lower lash line. A coat of mascara on the upper lashes only and you’re done!

Pro-tip: If you have downturned eyes, avoid mascara application on the lower lashes, because it will make them droopier.

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