What look do you prefer on her eyes?

Dark, heavy makeup applied to prominent eyes can have the misfortune of looking a little bit messy. Let’s look at two alternatives for large eyes. Which one do you prefer?

Step 1: What not to do...

Applying makeup to deep set prominent eyes is often thought to be a no-go. Let’s look at what not to do.

We start by applying a dark colour to Lola’s full eyelid, then blend it in for a classic smokey-eye look.
Mascara next, followed by an eyeliner close to the lashes of the lower eyelid.

Step 2: Trial and error

So, the aim of this application of dark, heavy makeup to Lola’s wonderful big eyes was supposed to demonstrate what not to do, as we thought that it wouldn’t be a good style for her. However, Lola is actually rocking this look, which just goes to show that all colours and styles are worth experimenting with. You don’t know what you’ll discover until you give it a go!

Alt text

Step 3: A lighter alternative

For the other eye we’ll go with the same mascara to the top and bottom lashes. Next we add a thin line of pencil close to the lash line,
which we blend with a brush to soften.
Be sure to apply it evenly and lift the eyelid which will help you to get super-close and right into the root of the lashes. Do the same below the lower lid, again blend with a soft brush or even use your finger tip.

The amount of blending will give you variations to the finished look. Keep it to the outer edge for daytime wear or blend fully into the corner of the eye for a smokin’ hot night out look.

Using a shade of brown around the eyes, or any lighter colour, will soften the look and give an overall more subtle but stunning finish.

Pro tip: When blending, be careful not to drag upwards and smudge across they eye. Move the brush in a sideways motion to keep the colour in place.

Before & After


Product list

  • Lancome's black Kohl pencil