/ deep set eyes

Wondering what deep set, yet prominent eyes look like?

Why are some people’s eye more prominent than others? In this tutorial we’ll take a close look at Lola’s deep set prominent eyes and see how her individual features compliment each other to give her this striking eye shape.

Deep set prominent eyes are quite common so let’s take a closer look at Lola’s. The brow bone is slightly more in front of the eyes, so the eyes are sunken. The brow bone is also angled which makes the eye more prominent.

If the lid space was shorter she would just have deep set eyes but because the brow bone goes further back the eye is brought forward. The lash line is pulled more in front and the eye looks rounder. So this shape of eye is both deep set and prominent.

Looking at Lola’s eyes from the front, notice how big the eyelid space is. This gives great opportunity for experimenting with colour.

The brow bone is brought forward and the eye is slightly sunken. The eyelashes and brow bone are pretty much in line with one another.

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