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Yes, makeup smudges. Let's deal with it!

Deep-set eyes are pretty common, but sometimes they can be difficult to work with. Eyeshadows often transfer to the lid and eyeliner smudges, which makes it all one big mess. Take these quick and simple steps to improve your look.

Step 1: Primer first

To avoid the mess, it’s important to ensure that all your eye products stay in one place all day. You can either use an eye primer or a concealer to do that — they both have a creamy texture and they help cover up the pigmentation on your lids. This helps eyeshadows on top look more even and less patchy.

Set the primer with a small amount of translucent powder or a nude eyeshadow. Setting the primer/concealer will prevent creasing and all the products you put on top will blend more easily.

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Step 2: Add depth and definition

To add some dimension to your eye look, get yourself a transition shade. Transition shades are eyeshadows that are only slightly darker than your skin tone. Usually nude, slightly red or orange shades are the best choice, but it all depends on your skin tone.

With the transition shade, start creating a C-shape on the outer corner of the lid. Start at the point where you want most pigment to be, then use windshield wiping motions to work the product into your crease.
Circling motions are also a good option, but always be careful not to take the product over the crease. That will make your eyes look droopy and sad, which is really the opposite of what you want.

Pro-tip: The best way to go about the placement is to apply a kohl liner right on the outer third of the lash line, then open your eye to transfer the product onto the lid. This will create an outline and help you create the perfect C-shape that works on your individual eye shape.


Step 3: Rise and shine

It’s time to wake up and open up your eyes. Pick a shimmery eyeshadow (either cream or powder based) and apply it on the inner third of your eyelid, as well as the inner corner. This simple step works well on many eye shapes, especially deep-set eyes.
Deep-set eyes are placed more backwards in the skull, so going for shimmer is the best way to bring them forward.

Pro-tip: If you want the shine to pop more, apply a cream-based shimmer first, then go over with a matching powder eyeshadow. That way the color pay-off will be much more intense and long-lasting.

Step 4: From blush to brows

There are a few things you can do to bring out your eyes even more, without having to apply any more products on the eyes.

The first thing you can do is fill in the brows. For a more dramatic look you can go for creamier brow product, such as a pomade, or you can opt for a quicker alternative, an eyebrow pencil. It’s best to go for neutral or cool-toned products — those tend to look the most natural.
Whatever you decide to use, make sure to start with your arch and tail, then fill in the front of the brow with less product on your brush. For the most natural look, try to mimic the direction and the look of natural brow hairs. Doing the brows can help create some balance on your face, and it also helps lift the eye.
Another tip you can use is complementary blush. You’ve probably already heard us talk about complementary colors, but here’s a recap. Colors that sit opposite each other on the color wheel will look extra vibrant when placed next to each other. That’s why blue eyes pop when combined with an orange-based blush, while green eyes love a red-based blush. Basically, picking the right shade can make a world of a difference.

Finding products that work for you is a painstakingly long process, but eventually it all falls into place. Keep swatching and don’t give up!:)

Products list


  • Bourjois Radiance Reveal concealer in 02 Beige
  • L'Oreal 101 Midnight Black kohl pencil
  • Laura Mercier Rosegold Caviar Stick
  • Lancome Teint Miracle foundation in 010
  • YSL Touche Eclat green colour corrector
  • TOP SHOP Contour Cream in Sweep
  • She glitter eyeliner
  • YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush no. 12
  • Shu Uemura light eyebrow stick
  • MAC Subculture lip pencil
  • YSL Poudre Compacte compact powder
  • Derma Color Camouflage palette
  • L'Oreal Paradise Extatic mascara