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You shouldn't do this on protruding eyes

We've all seen how makeup artists and YouTube gurus can transform their face so they almost look like a different person. That's corrective makeup, but it's not the only way to do it (even though it's certainly the most popular). Why don't you try to accentuate your features instead? It looks far more natural and, more importantly, gives you the freedom to rock what you've been born with. For this tutorial, we will show you how to play up your prominent eyes using shimmer. Shimmer is usually a total no-no for this type of eyes, but as we don't like to follow the »rules« we will make it work and it will look b-e-a-utiful!


Start by lining the upper lash line with black kohl pencil. Blend it with downwards strokes first, and then take it all over the upper lid, providing a good base for the eyeshadow to stick on later.
Clean the brush before you start blending at the edges, so they don't turn out messy.
Take a dark purple matte eyeshadow, blend it over the upper lid and, with the same color, line also the outer third of the lower lash line. Don't forget to connect the upper and lower lid in the outer corner.
Using dark shadows on prominent eyes is standard technique for such type of the eyes, because it visually pushes them back. What isn't so typical is packing on shimmer all over the lid, but this is exactly what you're doing next.

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You will need a shimmery variation of the purple we used before. Blend it in the matte purple base, focusing most of the color in the center of the lid.
Choose a light colored matte eyeshadow (white or something lighter than your skin tone will do) and apply it in the inner corner of the eye to lift it up a bit.With a soft brush, blend the same shade also above the crease, so along the part between the brow and the crease.
Now it's time to intensify the look with black gel eyeliner – apply it along the upper lash line and then blend it lightly into the purple eyeshadow, so it turns out a bit softer.
Finish up with a few coats of your favorite mascara. If you need to, fill in your eyebrows as well.


The best way to make contour look natural is to contour from within. This means that you apply cream contouring product before you use foundation. Apply it where you would normally use powder contour. In the tutorial, we put it on top of the forehead and then blended it into the hairline. Do the same under the cheekbones. You need very little product for this, and always, always (!) blend it out into the hairline – don't just let it sit on your skin like a big smudge of paint. We're levelling up a bit here by also using cream blush before the foundation application. Tap it on with your fingers where you would normally blush, which is where your skin is the thinnest. Now it’s finally time to apply foundation on your face with gentle strokes of a foundation brush. If you have oily areas, mattify them with some loose powder.


Line the lips with a nude lip pencil and then use muted purple, berry-brown or nude-brown matte lipstick.